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Righteous Joseph the All-Comely said nothing, until God spoke and made him king, St. Paisios the Athonite

ΙΩΣΗΦ ό Πάγκαλος_Joseph the All-Comely_ Иосиф Прекрасный_24

St. Paisios the Athonite

– Geronda, how should we consider someone who treats us in an unfair way?
– How should we consider him? We must treat him like a great benefactor who makes deposits on our behalf in God’s Savings Bank. He is making us eternally wealthy.

God knows. He has providence for His creature. Where there is patience, things fall into place. God provides. We need patience, not logic. Since God is watching, He is observing us, we must surrender unconditionally to Him. You see, the Righteous Joseph did not say a thing when his brothers sold him into slavery. He could have said, I am their brother’. But he said nothing, until God spoke and made him king. But when one has no patience, he suffers.When someone is wronged in this life either by men or by demons, God does not worry, because the soul bene­fits as a result. Many times, however, we say that we are wronged, while in reality we are the ones causing the harm. We must be careful to distinguish the two.

Tone 5

Verse: We were filled in the morning with Thy mercy, O Lord, and we rejoiced and were glad. In all our days, let us be glad: for the days wherein Thou hast humbled us, for the years wherein we have seen evil. And look upon Thy servants, and upon Thy works, and do Thou guide their sons.
O Lord, teaching thy disciples to think perfect thoughts, thou didst say, be not like the Gentiles who exercise dominion over those who are weak; it shall not be so with you my disciples, for of mine own will am I poor. Therefore let him who is first among you be the minister of all, the one who rules as the one being ruled, the one who is preferred as the least of all. For I myself have come to minister unto Adam in his poverty, and to give my life as a ransom for the many who cry to me: glory to thee.


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