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The power of Faith and Prayer of Saint Herman of Alaska

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The power of Faith and Prayer of Saint Herman of Alaska Wonderworker of All America (1751-1836)
Commemorated November 15

Once there was a tidal wave (tsunami) on Spruce Island. The inhabitants ran in fear to the Elder. He then took an icon of the Mother of God from the house where the students lived, carried it out and placed it on the silty shore, and began to pray. After his prayer, he turned to those who were there and said: “Don’t be afraid—the water will not go further than the spot where the icon is standing!” The Elder’s word came true. Then, promising the same help from the icon in the future through the intercessions of the All-blameless Lady, he entrusted it to his disciple Sophia, so that in case of flood she would place it on the shore. The icon is preserved on the island. (The present whereabouts of this icon are unknown.)

Γερμανός της Αλάσκας_Saint Herman of Alaska_Преподобный Герман Аляскинский_Герман Аляскинский8.jpg

Once, the forest on Spruce Island caught fire. The Elder, with his disciple Ignaty, in a thicket of the forest made a belt about a yard wide in which they turned over the moss. They extended it to the foot of the hill. The Elder said, “Rest assured, the fire will not pass this line.” On the next day, according to the testimony of Ignaty, there was no hope of salvation (from the fire) and the fire, pushed by a strong wind, reached the place where the moss had been turned over by the Elder. The fire ran over the moss and halted, leaving untouched the thick forest which was beyond the line.

O Holy Father Herman of Alaska, pray unto God for us!

Γερμανός της Αλάσκας_Saint Herman of Alaska_Преподобный Герман Аляскинский_mr2

Apolytikion of Herman of Alaska in the Fourth Tone

Blessed ascetic of the northern wilds and gracious intercessor for the whole world, teacher of the Orthodox Faith, good instructor of piety, adornment of Alaska and joy of all America, holy Father Herman, pray to Christ God that He save our souls.

”As of old Thou didst bedew the three godly Youths in the Chaldean flame..”

Out of all thy many sorrows did the Lord deliver thee, O righteous one, filling thy heart with heavenly joy, which now thou dost enjoy in the never-setting day of Christ’s Kingdom. Pray also for us, O Saint, that our sorrows too the Lord may turn to joy.


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