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In God alone seek consolation and help. Elder Ieronymos of Aegina of Gelveri, Cappadocia

Χριστός ανέστη! Αληθώς ανέστη!
Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!
ХристосВоскрес! Воистину Воскрес!

Karsi Kilise (St. John's church)12007301675_24283fd6a4_z

Words of Eternal Life by
Blessed Elder Ieronymos of Aegina of Gelveri, Cappadocia
reposed in the Lord on October 3/16, 1966

Do not open your internal doings to anybody.

Deliver everything into God’s hands and do not worry about the future. What would be useful and salvific to you, this the Lord shall send.

If there is no spiritual man to talk with, then do not grieve so much. Stay at home, and the Lord, Who loves all, shall send you His comfort and guidance. God knows about your solitude and shall not leave you.

Silence is a wonderful thing. If you learn to control your tongue, you shall experience the joy of keeping silence. Respond only when asked. Do not start conversations.

Solitude is necessary for the spiritual perfection.The wind blowing in the street may not be stopped but you can [well] close the door. And so, close the doors of the soul and abide in solitude that the wind may not carry you away. One should not hate people, Love them but also avoid them. Do not look for frequent meetings: they’ve come – it’s good they have, they have not – it’s good they have not. The Holy Fathers teach that one amidst thousands be your friend.

If there is a God’s will for anything, it is sure to happen. God sent Ananias to St. Paul. And he said: “But he’s a persecutor. He has done a lot of evil to the saints”. And the Lord replied: “Go, for he is a chosen vessel”. And so we – when we look around as human beings, then everything seems [highly] unlikely, but if the God’s will is there, then everything shall work out fine.

I am begging you: shed at least one [little] drop of tears every day. Let there pass for you no day without tears. St. Gregory of Nyssa writes: “A deep sigh returns the grace of God, to have been gone”.

People need to teach more with doings rather than with words.

When people are being offended, then God sends [them] His consolation. The Divine Providence shall not leave you. The greater the sorrow, the greater the comfort will be.

  • Do not seek comfort from people. And when you [happen to] receive from somebody a small consolation, do expect a double grief. In God alone seek consolation and help.

Εκκλησία Με τα ζουμπούλια-Sümbülü Kilise(Ihlara)- Сюмбюлю- Hyacynth Church-Cappadoce_Ihlara_Valley106

O Lord Eternal and Creator of all things, Teach me to pray aright. Of Thine immense goodness, O Lord God, shew me the path of Thy will, and grant me to walk in Thy sight without sin.

O Lord, unto Whom all hearts be open,
Thou knowest what things I have need of.
Thou art acquainted with my blindness and my ignorance,
Thou knowest my infirmity and my soul’s corruption;
but neither are my pain and anguish hid from Thee.
Wherefore I beseech Thee, hear my prayer
and by Thy Holy Spirit teach me the way wherein I should walk;..(Prayer of Elder Sophrony of Essex)

Blessed Elder Ieronymos of Aegina pray to God for us! Pray that God’s light illumine our hearts. May each of us learn humility and pray. Pray that we learn to live as True Christians in all times and places, and in all circumstances.



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