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The joy of the Ascension lies in the promise of the Spirit, the joy of being always with the Lord

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St. Nicholai Velimirovich

Thus did the One ascend to Heaven Who held heaven within Himself. He who carries hell within himself will end up in hell, but he who bears heaven within his soul will ascend to heaven. And truly, no one can ascend to heaven other than those who have heaven within; and no one can end up in hell besides those who have hell within. The familiar is drawn to what is familiar and unites with the familiar; but it rejects what is not familiar. Matter submits to the spirit to the extent that the human soul is filled with the Divine Spirit; and the laws of nature are obedient to moral laws, which govern the world. Because the Lord Jesus Christ is the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the perfection of moral law, to Him is subject all matter—the entire physical world, with all the laws of nature…

But the day will come—and that day is not far off—when all the righteous mean and women who firmly believed in Him throughout their lives will see Him. And around Him in the heavens will gather all those who were baptized on earth in His name—not only with water, but also with the Spirit and Fire. And they will enter into His joy, which the Heavenly Father has prepared for all His chosen, and will inherit a joy that they have never known before.

Nikolai Velimirovich (1880-1956; Orthodox Church): The Ascension of the Lord

The joy of being always with the Lordthis is what the Ascension means. Now He is neither in Jerusalem, nor in Bethlehem, nor in Nazareth; neither on a mountain nor in a valley; neither at the sea nor in the city. He is everywhere. He ascended to the right hand of the Father; He abides where God abides, which is everywhere. Therefore, in any place on earth, at any time of day or night, we can always call upon Him and He will be at our side. He will be our Lord and He will hear us, for He is with us forever, even unto the end of the ages.
Fr. Alexander Men.

The joy of the Ascension lies in the promise of the Spirit. “Thou didst give joy to Thy disciples by a promise of the Holy Spirit.” The victory of Christ is wrought in us by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Rev. George Florovsky

“In ascending to heaven, O Lord, from where You also descended, do not leave us orphans; may Your Spirit come, bringing peace to the world; show to the sons of men Your powerful deeds, O Lord, for You love mankind.” (Vespers for Ascension Thursday, first hymn of the aposticha)

Ανάληψη_The Ascension of the Lord_ Вознесение Господне _ _0_a9fdc_a6f63065_xxxl


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