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The word of God is consuming fire. Starets Parthenius [Parfeny] of Kiev Pechersk

Words of Eternal Life by Starets Parthenius [Parfeny] of Kiev Pechersk (1790—1855)

ΠΑΝΑΓΙΑ φλεγόμενη βάτος_Icon of the Mother of God the Unburnt Bush_Богоматерь Неопалимая Купина_d713da9d2ebaaa8d4 (1)The reading of the Psalter calms the passions, and the reading of the Gospel consumes the tares of our sins; for the word of God is consuming fire. Once for forty days I read the Gospel for the salvation of a benefactor of mine and I saw in my sleep a field covered by tares. Suddenly there fell down fire from the heavens consumed the tares that covered the field, and the field remained clean. Puzzling over this vision, I heard a voice: the tares covering the field are the sins of the soul that benefited you; the fire that consumed them is the Word of God which you read for it.

Love for God can be kindled in the heart only by ceaseless prayer.

For a true monk, nothing and no one exist on earth. His joy and delight is unceasing prayer. He loves all people, but is lonely among them because they separate him from God.

If God is with us invisibly on earth, this is a sign that He will be with us in heaven. If we do not see God on earth with the heart, we will not see Him in heaven.

from the Spiritual Counsels of Starets Parfeny of Kiev Pechersk


Prayer of Father Parfeny of Kiev Pechersk

O my Lord, my Creator, all my hope, leave me not without a share in blessed Eternity.
Grant that I may follow Thy holy example, and be obedient to the authorities placed over me.
Grant me that purity of spirit, that simplicity of heart, which make us worthy of Thy Love.
To Thee, O my God, I lift up my soul and my heart; do not allow Thy creature to perish, but deliver me from the one supreme evil ─ sin.
Grant, O Lord, that I may bear disturbances and sufferings of soul with the same patience as I receive pleasures of the heart with joy.
If Thou wilt, O Lord, Thou canst purify and sanctify me.
Here and now I surrender myself to Thy goodness, beseeching Thee to root out of me all that is opposed to Thee and unite me to the company of Thine elect.

Excerpt from the Daily Prayer of Father Parfeny of Kiev Pechersk

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