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Saint John Jacob the Chozebite, the Romanian – a Poem, The Apocalyptic Beast

Saint John Jacob the Chozebite, the Romanian – a Hermit from the Holy Land

Commemorated on August 5

The Apocalyptic Beast

And now when surging malice grows
The Antichrist opens his school
To teaching many people, shows,
The atheist language is ‘cool’!

Because the ugly ‘thoughtful beast’
It moves its ugly heads in hew:
The Free-mason, the communist
And the mutinous, rebel Jew.

The popes and likes from Rome
With the pagans from Agar
Start throwing from high dome
The arrows of Veliar!

From all seven heads of the beast,
Appeared were just five in pus,
When other two will be released,
The end is very near to us!

Another beast will get out, seen,
With two lamb horns like in a knit
With dragon voice of halloween,
As it has power just from it.

The beast has ten more horns like spins
With of the lucifer’s well known signs,
Which are the wicked harmful sins
Which cry to Heavens, from lower than mines.

That’s just the awful ugliness
Be sitting on the Holy Throne
Demonic power with wordless
On earth, the master as its own!


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