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Don’t be afarid. Don’t doubt. My Son will be victorious, the world belongs to Christ! Mother of God said to St. Valeriu of Romania

The appearance of the All-holy Theotokos in St. Valeriu’s prison cell on the saint’s last Christmas

During the night of his last Christmas, toward dawn, Valeriu testified to his friend Ioan Ianolide:

Γέννηση του Ιησού Χριστού_ Рождество Христово_ Nativity of Christ-icone17af3c43e89991487750a4d5“This night, I kept vigil. I sang my carol to come. I wanted it to be very beautiful. I sang it in my head. I heard it in the high heavens, from where it descended. Rather difficult for me, since I don’t know musical notes and I have to sing by ear. So I was awake, lucid and serene, when all of a sudden, I noticed a photograph of Seta – the girl he loved – in my hand. Amazed by this, I lifted my gaze and at the head of my bed I saw the Mother of God, clothed all in white, vivid, real.
She was without her child. Her presence seemed material to me. I was happy. I forgot everything. Time seemed endless. Then she said to me:

‘I am your love! Don’t be afarid. Don’t doubt. My Son will be victorious. He has sanctified this place now for future life. The powers of darkness are growing and will frighten the world still more, but they will be scattered. My Son is waiting for people to return to the faith. Today, the sons of darkness are bolder than the sons of light. Even though it may seem to you that there is no more faith left on earth, nevertheless, know that deliverance will come, albeit through fire and devastation. The world still has to suffer. Here, however, there is still much faith and I have come to encourage you. Behold, the world belongs to Christ!’

“Then the Mother of God disappeared and I remained overwhelmed with happiness. I looked at my hand, but the photograph was no longer there.”

Merry Christmas! May we have St. Valeriu’s blessing!

from the book The Saint of the Prisons by St. Valeriu the New Martyr of Romania


The Nativity of Our Lord
By St. John Maximovitch (his 1962 Nativity epistle to his flock).

Thou, Who art the God of peace and the Father of compassion, didst send unto us the Angel of Thy great Counsel, granting us peace.

† † †

προσκύνηση των ποιμένων_ Adoration of the Shepherds__Pastiri_freskaThe Angel of the pre-eternal Counsel of the Holy Trinity comes to the earth. This is not an ordinary messenger; it is the Only-begotten Son of God Himself. He brings peace to men. Peace be unto you, He said more than once to His disciples. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you, He says to the apostles at the Mystical Supper, not as the world giveth, give I unto you. And appearing after His Resurrection, again He says: Peace be unto you.

For he is our peace, the Holy Apostle Paul says concerning Him: He came to the earth to reconcile man unto God by the Cross, having slain the enmity thereby. And having come, He preached peace to those afar off and to those near, because through Him we both have access unto the Father.

The wall that separated heaven and earth is destroyed; the sword that barred the way to the Tree of Life disappears. Unto man that had sinned comes his Creator, calling him into His embrace! By the mouths of the apostles, the Holy Spirit cries out: In Christ, be ye reconciled to God. You that had sinned came not to God, but the Son of God, before Whom you sinned, came to you! He calls everyone to Himself; He gives forgiveness to everyone who merely thirsts for this. For without the desire of man himself, without at least his little effort, God’s peace cannot settle in him.

The Lord forces no one to come to Him, but calls everyone: Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Come all ye who are heavy laden with sins, who are exhausted from your labors and who do not find rest! You shall find that inner peace, which you will find nothing on earth more desirable than. The soul will feel unearthly peace and joy.

The Magi who worshipped the Babe experienced that joy; the shepherds, finding Him lying in a manger, also felt it. But neither peace nor joy touched the heart of Herod and those who wanted to destroy the Babe. For evil desire and malice are incompatible with inner peace. And whoever does not have inner peace, also sows strife and malice about.

The Church now calls us to meet Christ Who comes from heaven. What can we do in order to meet Him like the Magi, and not like Herod? Ye that desire life, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking guile. Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. It tends to be hard to do this; we are weak when it comes to everything good. But the Son of God even came for this: in order to strengthen us. Not for naught was He born in Bethlehem, which signifies “house of bread.”

He feeds us with heavenly food, His flesh. “God, the Lord and Creator of all, as a babe in the flesh, is worshipped in a poor manger, crying out: ‘Eat My body and through faith be made steadfast.’”

These words of the divine Babe are directed to us. Let us hearken to His call! Let us follow the Magi; let us hasten with the shepherds! Our churches are now that cave of Bethlehem. Not illusory, but in reality does He, Who is now being born in His most pure flesh, rest in them. Let us worship Him; let us offer as a gift our thoughts and desires; let us confess our sins, and let us taste of His immaculate Body and Blood. Whoever did not do this earlier, let him at least accomplish it now, when the star of Bethlehem is already shining! Our minds will be enlightened and the heart will hear:

Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, good will among men!

Merry Christmas! May we have St. John’s blessing!

Idiomel Tone 6.

Today is born of a Virgin, he who holds creation in the hollow of his hand (three times).
As a mortal he is wrapped in swaddling rags, he who in his being cannot be handled.
God lies in a manger, who of old established the heavens in the beginning.
He is nourished with milk from the breast, he who rained Manna on the People in the desert.
He summons Magi, the Bridegroom of the Church.
He accepts their gifts, the Son of the Virgin.
We worship your birth, O Christ (three times).
Show us also your divine Epiphany.


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