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Prophet Jeremiah: Let us have trust only in God for all other trust is a devilish illusion.

Prophet Jeremiah
Saint Isidora, the Fool for Christ of Tabennesi
Saint Nina Koznetsova from Lalsk, Russia (+1938)

Commemorated on May 1

ΙΕΡΕΜΙΑΣΠροφήτη-Jeremiah Prophet-Иереми́я Пророк-34 - CopyThe Holy Prophet Jeremiah was born about six hundred years before Christ in the village of Anathoth near Jerusalem. He was called to prophetic service at the age of fifteen, when the Lord revealed to him that even before his birth the Lord had chosen him to be a prophet. Jeremiah refused, citing his youth and lack of skill at speaking, but the Lord promised to be always with him and to watch over him..
From that time Jeremiah prophesied for twenty-three years, denouncing the Jews for abandoning the true God and worshipping idols, predicting sorrows and devastating wars. The people, however, mocked and abused him, and they even tried to kill him.
Jeremiah was cast into a prison. Not being able to write in prison, Jeremiah invited Baruch [the son of Neriah], who stood near the small window of the prison and dictated to him.
The Babylonians shortly captured Jerusalem, plundered and destroyed the city.
Jeremiah, with the Levites, removed the Ark of the Covenant from the Temple to Mt. Nebo where Moses died and there he hid the Ark in a cave. However, he hid the fire from the Temple in a deep well.
There is a tradition which states that King Alexander the Great visited the tomb of the Prophet Jeremiah. By order of King Alexander, the body of Jeremiah was translated and buried in Alexandria.

Hymn of Praise
The Holy Prophet Jeremiah
By Saint Nikolai Velimirovič

Jeremiah, chaste one and prophet,
To men, the will of God he proclaims
When in sin, men decay
And the laws of God, they trampled.
The prophet cries out, weeps and threatens,
As a live flame, his words are,
Illumines the righteous, burns the sinners;
As the tears of a mother, his tears are
Over her dying offspring.
The prophet foresees it, punishment is coming,
A punishment, one-hundred fold deserved.
The mercy of God, into justice changes.
The prophet cries out, weeps and threatens,
The sinful people, calls to repentance.
To what the leaders say, the people listen,
And the leaders, at the prophet laugh,
And his words, as a lie they proclaimed!
But himself to be wearied, the prophet does not allow:
With sufferings, his words he seals;
Nefarious men, slew the prophet,
And forever, made him famous.
All the words of the prophet were fulfilled,
The kingdom fell; the prophet glorified.

About the curse of man who trusts in man
Saint Nikolai (Velimirović), Bishop of Ochrid

“Thus says the Lord: cursed is the man who trusts in human beings, who seeks his strength in flesh, whose heart turns away from the Lord” (Jeremiah 17:5).

Ιερεμία Προφήτη-Jeremiah Prophet-Иереми́я Пророк-0_74e9b_fe32e1da_origWhen man alienates himself from God in his heart he usually trusts in men and in himself, for in who else can he otherwise trust when he untied his rowboat from God’s boat? Since he has already untied his rowboat from God’s boat, nothing else remains for him except to trust in his rowboat or in the rowboat of his neighbors. Weak trust, but there is no other for him! Weeping trust above the abyss of destruction, but there is no other!

But, O heaven and earth, why did man untie his rowboat from God’s boat? What happened to man that he flees from his security? What kind of calculation did he calculate when he discovered it would be better for him alone on the tempestuous waves than in the household of God and near the hem of God! With whom did he make an alliance when he breached the alliance with God? Is it with someone stronger than God? Foolishness, foolishness, foolishness!

“Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings.” This, God spoke once and men have repeated this thousands of times. Being disappointed in their trust in men, men have cursed thousands of times those who have trusted in man. God has said only that which men experienced only too well and confirmed by their experience, i.e., how, indeed, cursed is the man who trusts in man!

Brethren, that is why we should have trust in God Who is the stable boat on the tempest and Who does not betray. Let us have trust only in Him for all other trust is a devilish illusion. In You do we trust, O Lord, our fortress and refuge. Tie us along side You and do not allow us to untie ourselves, if we, by our foolishness and cursedness, attempt to untie ourselves from You.
To You be glory and thanks always. Amen.

The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič for Old Calendar date May 9, and New Calendar date May 22.

The Greek Old Testament – The Book of Prophet Jeremiah

Prophet Jeremiah, see how the saints in heaven pray to God for us!
Prophet Baruch, the disciple and faithful friend of the great prophet Jeremiah.

Sessional Hymns, Tone VIII:

At Mid-feast Thou didst stand in the temple’s court * in a god-befitting manner * and didst cry aloud: * Let him who doth suffer thirst now draw nigh unto Me and drink. * He that drinketh of the sacred water that I shall give, * from within shall the springs of My teachings issue forth. * Whosoever doth believe that the Divine Father hath sent Me, * and that I came forth from Him, * with Me he shall be glorified. * Therefore we cry unto Thee: * Glory be to Thee, O Christ God, * Who dost cause the streams of Thy great love for mankind, * to well forth in all abundance unto us, Thy servants.

Troparion Prophet Jeremiah — Tone 2

Celebrating the memory of Your Prophet Jeremiah, O Lord, for his sake, we entreat You to save our souls.

Kontakion Prophet Jeremiah — Tone 3

Cleansing your radiant heart through the Spirit, O great Prophet and Martyr, glorious Jeremiah, You received from on high the gift of prophecy. You cried out with a great voice to the nations: This is our God, and there is none other beside Him who became incarnate and appeared on earth.

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