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Saint David of Evia (Euboea) shone with formidable patience.

Δαυίδ Ευβοίας_St.David of Evia (Euboea)_Св.Давид Эвбейский-δαυιδ ευβ 5111947874_0032Saint David of Evia (Euboea)

Commemorated on November 1

…His father was a devout and virtuous priest.

Δαυίδ Ευβοίας_St.David of Evia (Euboea)_Св.Давид Эвбейский-111947874When little David was three years old, one evening he saw Saint John the Baptist in a visionSaint John took his hand and they went together to a chapel dedicated to his memory. There, Saint John went into his icon, while the child got down on his knees in front of it. Little Davids parents, as well as the whole village, were looking for him for six days and nights.

On the sixth day, which was Saturday, David’s father went with some villagers to that chapel to serve the Vespers and pray to the Saint for his child.

When they arrived, they were surprised to see little David on his knees in front of the icon of Saint John. His face was glowing with a celestial light and he didn’t look at all haggard. They then all understood that this child was not like the other children, he was special….

When Saint David was fifteen years old, he left his village with the blessing of his parents and followed the hieromonk Akakios, a virtuous and experienced spiritual father, whom he met due to the Providence of the Lord.

The goodness of Saint David and his spiritual progress were obvious to everybody. Saint David shone with formidable patience.

Saint David by the Providence of the Lord, he decided to go to the island opposite, Euboea.

While he was on the coast of Atalanti, he saw a man with a boat and asked him kindly to take him to the island. The man saw the humble monk with the worn robe; he refused to transfer him and continued his work indifferently.

Saint David, without being upset by the man’s behavior, went some meters away, removed his worn robe, laid it on the water and after making the sign of the cross, stepped on his robe and started sailing quickly through the waves.

The man, surprised, saw the Saint on his robe sailing and leaving the coast behind him. He then understood that this monk was a saint and he started shouting and begging…

– Come father, come father with my boat. Come father…

Saint David blessed him from afar and continued his journey.

With his robe he arrived at the village of Rovies. When he stepped on the shore, he began climbing the green mountain, which rose behind the village.

He found there the almost ruined chapel of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ our Savior, which he totally reconstructed, assisted by the local people.

The holiness of Saint David was a powerful magnet attracting people who wanted to dedicate themselves to Jesus Christ. As a result, a small brotherhood quickly formed.

The natural gifts and the holiness of Saint David had become widely known. Many Metropolitans invited him to their dioceses for the spiritual benefit of the Christians.

At one time, Saint David was going to Karystos on some business of the Monastery. On the road, he stopped at the village of Disto to rest himself. There, the residents of the village asked the Saint to release them from the swarm of mosquitoes, from which they were suffering. The Saint seeing their devotion, prayed fervently to the Lord and then a great miracle happened. Mosquito clouds started to fall and disappear into the sea, in front of the surprised eyes of the locals.

Δαυίδ Ευβοίας_St.David of Evia (Euboea)_Св.Давид Эвбейский-5δαυισ ευβοιαςAnother time, the Saint was in Elefsina for the spiritual benefit of the Christians. There, he was guest in the house of a devout Christian. The master of the house, so as to please the Saint, cooked among other dishes, a pumpkin, which at the time, was a newly introduced garden vegetable. But when they tasted the pumpkin they found that it was really bitter. The master of the house felt really bad. The Saint realised it, prayed secretly, and as a result the pumpkin became sweet and tasty.

When Saint David grew old he appointed another hegumen and withdrew to his retreat, which was a tiny cave formed by a complex of rocks in the forest. He stayed there in prayer during the whole week, eating only a piece of Antidoron and drinking only some holy water.

On Saturday afternoon Saint David would come to the monastery. On Sunday morning he served the Holy Liturgy, received Holy Communion and after advising and comforting the pilgrims to the Monastery, and educating and supporting the monks, he would leave late in the afternoon for his retreat.

When Saint David became even older, he foresaw his death in a divine revelation. Then he called the fathers of the monastery and announced to them that in three days he would pass away.
With fatherly love, he advised the monks accordingly. Shortly before rendering his holy soul into the hands of the Lord he said…
Behold, my brothers, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming!
The monks of the monastery were desolate. With deep sadness and tears, they buried his body.

The miracles of Saint David have been numerous during the centuries, as have been the believers, who have become witnesses of his glory before the Lord’s throne.
People with physical, psychic and spiritual diseases are freed from the burden of their ailments by leaning down to venerate his holy skull. They depart healed and they thank the Saint, praising God.
We commemorate him on 1st November.

Apolytikion of St. David the Righteous of Euboea in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone

With the rivers of your tears, you have made the barren desert fertile. Through sighs of sorrow from deep within you, your labors have borne fruit a hundred-fold. By your miracles you have become a light, shining upon the world. O David, our Holy Father, pray to Christ our God, to save our souls.

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