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We must have unwavering faith and the Lord will help us. Do not think about the future. Everything is in God’s hands. The Lord repairs everything with a caress. Elder Ambrose Lazaris of Dadiou Monastery

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Elder Ambrose Lazaris of Dadiou Monastery

Reposed in the Lord on December 2nd, 2006

Six Holy Elders Who Reposed on December 2nd.
Saint Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite († 1991)
Elder Cleopas Ilie of Sihastria Monastery. († 1998)
Elder Elpidios of Nea (New) Skete, Holy Mount Athos twin brother of the Holy Martyr Filoumenos († 1983)
Elder Anastasios Koudoumas Crete († 2013)
Elder Luke “the Guestmaster” of Valaam, (1965)

Words of Eternal Life by Father Ambrose of Dadiou

“What shall I do with my children, Geronda? They are very difficult. They shout at me, they watch all the filthy films on TV and they are affected.”

“Only the Lord will save the children. You must pray: ‘Lord, save me and correct me, and enlighten my children to be near to You’. The Lord will hear you and will grant that which is necessary.”

“Does the Lord hear us? Does our voice reach Him?”

“I do not know. Last month He had an earache. There are difficult times ahead, but do not be scared. The Lord will not abandon His children, He will save them miraculously.

“What do you mean Geronda?”

“What do I mean? For example, if you do not have anything to eat, you will wake up in the morning and you will find a loaf of bread on the table and you will wonder where it came from. But you must have faith. Without faith nothing happens.”

Αμβρόσιος Λάζαρης_Elder Ambrose of Dadiou_Старец Амвросий Лазарис_432undhfhgshdfghnamedOne day in the summer of 2005 he said: “From now on, you will never be able to believe what you will hear and see. Such will be the events which have never happened before.”
“Will they also take place in Greece?”
“Yes, they will take place in the whole world and in Greece as well. Why us? Because, we are the lighthouse of Orthodoxy and sin has made us worse than the atheists.”

“Things will develop very fast. The devil will prevail. He will destroy and beat on all those who approach him. He does not have friends.”

“You must be careful because the Evil One is setting traps. Do not laugh! He is next to us and you cannot see him. Listen to what I am saying to you. Do not stop praying!
“The Devil pushes people to commit a sin and then he scares them off and they are embarrassed to confess it.
“I went to Hell for 15 minutes and I thought I was there for three hours.”

“Those who will accept Devil’s mark on them will never rest. You, by yourselves, must acquire deep faith, kindness, patience and justice. Beware! We must not lose our faith! We must have unwavering faith and the Lord will help us. If we do not pray, we will be lost. Do not think about the future. Everything is in God’s hands. You must read Patristic books, a little everyday and God will enlighten you. Then your mind will get stronger.”

“The prayer “Lord, have mercy” is like a sword which cuts the Devil in half.”

Poor people! Both monks and laymen! We are living during the difficult times, but the struggle is a struggle. You must not stop struggling, not even for a second. You must fight until the end. Then at the last minute, the Lord, who awards people the wreath, will give you not the futile possessions of this life, but will make you worthy of reigning in His Kingdom! Forever! Not just for a thousand or a hundred thousand years.‘Forever’ means it has no end.”

Malice is the worst sin and we cannot have any excuses. It must be expelled from inside us.

This is what he said of someone who was suffering from depression: “He has not yet perfected his faith. When we truly believe, we talk to our Lord, as we talk to a friend, to a father. Then, He will talk to us. Christ will talk to us for each and every thing we ask of Him, either through someone else, or we will hear Him inside us. He will speak to us and we will understand Him.”
“The Lord does not have boundaries. The Lord repairs everything with a caress. If we make a mistake, our guardian angel leaves us and sits nearby miserable. But if we say: ‘I am sorry’, he returns, my child.”
“Those who die during Holy Week go straight to Heaven. Blessed is he who dies on a Saturday and is buried on a Sunday. The road to Paradise is wide open to him.”

O Holy and God-bearing Father Ambrose, pray to Christ our God that we too may receive the Heavenly Light of Christ’s Eternal Kingdom!

Through the intercessions of our Father among the Saints Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite, through the prayers of Fr. Ambrose Lazaris of Dadiou, of all the ascetic Fathers and all the saints, O Lord of compassion and hope, have mercy on us and save us!

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