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The ability to sanctify your soul is a great art. One can become holy anywhere. Saint Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite

Άγ. Πορφύριος Καυσοκαλυβίτης_ Порфирий (Баирактарис )Кавсокаливит_ St Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) the Kapsokalyviteπολυχρ_hgwiyt3

Saint Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite of Milesi , Oropos

Commemorated on 2 December

Five Holy Elders Who Reposed on December 2nd.
Elder Ambrose Lazaris of Dadiou Monastery († 2006)
Elder Cleopas Ilie of Sihastria Monastery. († 1998)
Elder Elpidios of Nea (New) Skete, Holy Mount Athos twin brother of the Holy Martyr Filoumenos († 1983)
Elder Anastasios of Koudoumas Crete († 2013)
Elder Luke “the Guestmaster” of Valaam, (1965)

Saint Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite

The ability to sanctify your soul is a great art. One can become holy anywhere. Even in Omonia (the main square in Athens) one can be sanctified, if he wants. You can become saints at work, no matter what it is – in calmness, patience and love. Each day make a new beginning, a new mood, enthusiastically and with love, prayer and silence – not with stress and a heavy heart.
Work vigilantly, simply, gently, without anxiety, joyfully and gladly, in a good mood. Then divine grace comes.
All unpleasant things, that remain in your soul and make you stressed, can become a reason for worshipping God and so stop hurting you. Trust in God.

Πορφύριος Καυσοκαλυβίτης_ Порфирий (Баирактарис )Кавсокаливит_ St Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) the Kapsokalyvite¬sf_porfirie_kavsokalivitulUU8There is no need in trying hard and strain yourselves. All your effort should be focused on gazing at the light, attaining the light. In this way, instead of turning to grief which is not of God’s Spirit, you should turn yourselves to praising God.
Grief shows that we don’t entrust our life to Christ.

Let us not go back to the sins that we have confessed. The remembrance of sins wounds. Did we ask for forgiveness? It’s over. God forgives everything through confession. I also believe that I sin. I’m not in the right path. But whatever bothers me I pray about; I don’t keep it inside me. I go to my spiritual father. I confess it, it’s over! Let us not turn back and talk about what we did not do. The important thing is what we will do now, from this moment on.
Desperation and disappointment is the most terrible thing. It’s Satan’s trap, to make a person lose his eagerness for spiritual things and bring him to desperation.

Almost all disease is due to the lack of trust in God and this causes stress. Stress is caused by the abolishment of religious feelings. If you don’t feel love for Christ, if you don’t occupy yourselves with holy matters, you will surely fill up with melancholy and evil.

Does a phobia or disappointment get a hold of you? Turn to Christ. Love him in simplicity, with humility, without demands and He will free you.

Do not choose negative ways to correct yourselves. You don’t need to be afraid of the devil, or hell, or anything. They create a reaction. I too have a little experience in those things. The point is not to sit, to beat or strain yourselves to improve. The point is to live, to study, to pray, to advance in love, in Christ’s love, in the Church’s love.

Often, through our anxiety and fears and poor spiritual state, without knowing or wanting, we can hurt other people, even if we love them very much, like a mother her child for example. A mother can transmit to a child all her stress regarding his life, his health, his progress, even without talking to him directly or showing what she feels. This love, this natural love may hurt him at some point. This does not happen, however, with Christ’s love, which is connected to prayer and the holiness of someone’s life. This love sanctifies a person, pacifies him, because God is love.

Source (greek): Life and Words,Elder Porphyrios, pub. Holy Monastery of Chrisopigi of Chania 2003
Translate by: Holy Monastery of Pantokrator

The visitation of divine grace , Saint Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite

Apolytikion St. Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite – Mode 1

“The son of Evia (Euboea), the Elder of All Greeks, *
the initiate of Divine Vision and True friend of Christ. *
Porphyrios, O faithful, let us praise *
who from childhood was filled with divine gifts *
the demonized are redeemed and the sick are healed who cry out
“Glory to Him who gave His might to you! *
Glory to Him who made you Holy! *
Glory to Him, who, through you, effects cures for all.”

Kontakion St. Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone.

The most-holy temple of the Comforter,
And the beloved of the All-Pure Theotokos,
Let us praise Porphyrios from our heart,
For he loves and heals all, and protects,
And intercedes, that we be granted theosis.
Therefore, we cry out:
Hail, O Father Porphyrios.

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