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Faithfulness and obedience to the will of God is necessary to adorn the life of every Christian. Saint Nikolai Velimirovič

Papa-Fotis Lavriotis the “Fool For Christ” of Mytilini

Reposed March 5, 2010, Friday in the Third week of Great Lent, of the Third the Akathist Hymn to the Mother of God

Rejoice, for your holy foolishness has taught us to reject the vain wisdom of this age.
Rejoice, for you counted every material thing as nothing.
Rejoice, for you possessed nothing that was earthly, but enriched all spiritually.
Rejoice, our fervent advocate before the Throne of the Most High.
Rejoice, Blessed Papa-Fotis Lavriotis, faithful intercessor for our souls.

Saint Nikolai Velimirovič

Εὐαγγελισμὸς τῆς Θεοτόκου_Благовещение Пресвятой Богородицы_The Annunciationtheannunciationg_bFaithfulness and obedience to the will of God is necessary to adorn the life of every Christian. As is seen in the life of St. Agapius, God glorifies the faithful and the obedient. When he was a young man, this saint was captured by pirates, was taken to Asia and was sold to a certain Arab. For twelve years Agapius remained quietly and obediently a slave of this Arab. For twelve years he prayed to the All-Holy Mother of God to help him gain his freedom from bondage. One night, the Virgin Mother of God appeared to him and said, “Arise and go without fear to Mt. Athos to your elder.” Agapius arose and came to his elder on Mt. Athos, the Holy Mountain.

When the elder saw Agapius, he was saddened, thinking that Agapius had fled from his master.He said to him, “My child Agapius, you have deceived your master, but you can never deceive God. On the day of the dreadful judgment, you will have to render an answer for that money with which your master purchased you to serve him. Therefore, you must return and faithfully serve your master.” Agapius, faithful and obedient to the will of God, returned immediately to Asia, reported to his master, and informed him about everything that had happened. The Arab, learning all of this, was amazed and was overcome with the charity of Christians. He desired to see Agapius’ s elder. The Arab arrived at the Holy Mountain, accompanied by his two sons. Here, he and his two sons were baptized. All three of them were tonsured as monks. They remained there until their deaths, practicing the strict life of asceticism, at first, under the guidance of Agapius’ s spiritual father, and afterwards, by Agapius himself. Thus, the one-time cruel masters became the obedient disciples of their former slave, faithful to the will of the God of the obedient Agapius.
The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič for Old Calendar date January 1, and New Calendar date January 14.

The relationship between of the Papa-Fotis Lavriotis of Mytilene with Sts Luke of Mytilene and Silouan the Athonite

Papa-Fotis Lauriotis the “Fool For Christ” of Mytilini, I never spoke badly to them, but with love I would tell them to repent and God would provide for them and restore them to His heart.

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