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What smells so in the awesome wilderness?That, Mary breathes -With holiness, she exudes! Saint Nikolai Velimirovič

Hymn of Praise
By Saint Nikolai Velimirovič
Saint Mary the Egyptian

Μαρία Αιγυπτία_Saint Mary of Egypt Icon _святая Мария Египтяныня_ 3ce390a01c23ea7b3d3f9165ac14778df5Penitent wonderful, self-tormentor,
Mary hid herself from the face of men.
Oh yes, sinful me,
By passion, darkened.
Passions are beasts which eat at our heart,
In us as serpents, secretly they weave a nest.
Oh yes, sinful me,
By passion consumed!
In order to save sinners, You suffered O Christ,
Now, do not loathe impure me!
Hearken to the cry of Mary,
Of all, the most-sinful!
The Lord showed compassion, Mary He healed,
Her darkened soul, He whitened as snow.
Thanks be to You, O All-Good One,
Oh Lord, most dear!
An impure vessel You cleansed and,
With gold you gilded it,
Filled it to overflowing with Your grace –
That is true mercy,
To you O God, be glory!
And Mary became radiant with the Spirit
As an angel of God, by strength girded,
By Your power, O Christ
Mercy, Most pure!
What smells so in the awesome wilderness,
As beautiful incense in a chest of the temple?
That, Mary breathes –
With holiness, she exudes!

The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič for Old Calendar date April 1, and New Calendar date April 14.


Even in His pain on the cross, the Lord Jesus did not condemn sinners but offered pardon to His Father for their sins saying, “They know not what they do!” (St. Luke 23:34). Let us not judge anyone so that we will not be judged. For no one is certain that before his death he will not commit the same sin by which he condemns his brother. Saint Anastasius of Sinai teaches, “Even if you see someone sinning, do not judge him for you do not know what the end of his life will be like. The thief, crucified with Christ, entered Paradise and the Apostle Judas went to Hell. Even if you see someone sinning, bear in mind that you do not know his good works. For many have sinned openly and repented in secret; we see their sins, but we do not know their repentance. That is why, brethren, let us not judge anyone so that we will not be judged.”


Hymn of Praise
By Saint Nikolai Velimirovič
Christ the Lord, a wonderful Fisherman

Μαρία Αιγυπτία_Saint Mary of Egypt Icon _святая Мария Египтяныня_ 3cNMarAiguptA wonderful Fisherman, O Christ the Lord, You are,
Throughout the entire world, the nets You spread,
For pure pearls You trawl from the waters deep,
Invisible net, by the Spirit woven,
Woven with love, moistened with tears,
By angelic hands, everywhere upheld.
Everyone to whom a mother gave birth and by the Spirit reared,
Most beautiful souls all, that the world can give.
All that into the numbers of Your rich catch entered,
All that Your silk net caught.
When nets from the sea of life, You raise
Nothing will remain except the muddy scum.
O, Fisherman, Most Wonderful, of pure pearls,
And we sinners, Your pearls, at one time were,
Now, from Your Throne, we are far away,
Under the sediment of dark passions, covered are we,
But, may Your net also us, to seize,
From Your countenance, we will shine as the stars.

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