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Our mission here on earth is to live a holy life in the midst of so many temptations we have renounced”. Elder Justin Pârvu of Romania

Elder Justin Pârvu of Romania (June 16, 2013)

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation (Matthew – 26, 41)

Ιουστίνος Πάρβου_Elder Justin Pârvu of Romania_5“The role of a monk, Father Justin said, is to be a model of prayer, a burning light in the eyes of the world, a witness who sacrifices his/her life for the Truth.
The layman wants to see monastics’ holiness now and here on earth. And this cannot be faked in any way. We ought to be icons of prayer, burning with the love for God for all. Our mission here on earth is to live a holy life in the midst of so many temptations we have renounced”.

In 2010 in an interview entitled: “ The truth about the times—Spirituality of the end of times”, the Romanian Archimandrite Justin Parvu says the following about prayer:

It is very important to know how to pray. Many times even we, the monks in the monasteries, pray, but we only think we pray. It is not enough to attend the church services and just be there like that would be enough. We have to work the prayer from the inside out. No matter how many prayers we say with our mouth, it is nothing if the prayer is not coming from the heart and if we don’t apply the teachings of Orthodoxy in our everyday life. Now more than ever, lay people have to pray from the heart, because this will be our only salvationIn the heart is the root of all passions and that is where we need to direct our struggles. If in the later years Christianity became look warm and superficial, we have to end all that now, this is not going to be enough anymore. If we will not pray from the heart, we will not be able to sustain the psychological attacks, because the evil one has hidden brainwashing methods that are unknown to us. The greatest sin today is carelessness. We pray carelessly, we repent carelessly, even if we do it. Times will come when only the ones that have the Spirit of God will be able to know good from evil. Human mind itself on its own will not be able to tell the difference. There will  be great deceptions and only the Holy Spirit will give us the discernment we need so we could save ourselves. Pray that you will not be deceived ! Only through prayer we can receive the Holy Spirit. If we don’t pray and just perseveremay in our lazziness and unrepentful ways, we will completely lose the Holy Spirit and His guidance.  May it not be that we lose the guidance of the Holy Spirit !

Counsels of Elder Justin (Pârvu)

Do not rebuke those who sorrow at heart, that you might not be punished with the same rod, and so that when you begin to seek for one that would have mercy on you, you might not find that there he is not there!

Discernment is higher than all other virtues.

Do not reproach anyone for their sins, but consider yourself responsible for everything, even for your neighbor’s sins.

It is better to be despised than to despise. It is better to be insulted than to insult another.

Avoid meeting excessively with others and take care for your own soul, so that you might preserve peace of soul.

It is better to live with a crippled and outcast person than with a proud one.

It is better to be persecuted than to persecute; it is better to be crucified than to crucify; it is better to be insulted than to insult; it is better to be slandered than to slander.

The lips and the heart that give thanks to God in any trial or temptation receive His blessing and Divine grace.

When your life is according to God, do not be saddened over afflictions and your ferocious passions, for God will take them from you one fine day. Neither fear death, because God has prepared future goodness in order to make you higher than death. (Translated from Graiul Ortodox)

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