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Help George my holy and thou St. Cosmas to take the City and Hagia Sophia!

Κοσμάς ο Αιτωλός _Saint Cosmas of Aetolia, Equal to the Apostles_св. Косма Этолийский_ΚΟΣΜΑς ΑΙΤΩΛΟΣ 7Saint Cosmas of Aetolia (Aitolos), Equal to the Apostles

Commemorated on August 24

Help George my holy
and thou St. Cosmas
to take the City
and Hagia Sophia! “

Here are the words of a song that became the anthem of the Greeks who fought against foreign rule:: Help, St. George, Help, St. Cosmas, Again, we take Constantinople And St. Sophia church. St. George, as you know, was a patron of the host.

Selected Prophecies of St. Kosmas Aitolos

“A time will come when people will speak from one distant place to another, as though they were in adjoining rooms–for example, from Constantinople to Russia.”

“You will see men flying in the sky like starlings, and throwing fire on the earth. Those who will live then will run to graves and will cry out: “Come out you who are dead so that we the living may enter.”

19 “When you will see the “one thousand ship” in Greek waters, then it will be resolved the issue of Constantinople (Istanbul)” .

48. “They will try to resolve it by pen, but they will not be able. 99 times by war and one by pen.”
49. “If 3 powers are found to agree, nothing bad will happen to you.”
50. “If the matter is solved by war you will suffer many disasters. In three countries one will remain …”

58. “In Constantinople will spill so much blood that a 3 year-old calf would swim in it.” – “In the City (Constantinople) so much blood will be spilled that a three-year old calf will swim in it.”

In Constantinople is a fierce battle between the Russian and Europeans. I shed a lot of blood.

“When you hear that the fleet is sailing in the Mediterranean Sea,-you know that soon will dare question of Constantinople.”

The Turks will learn the secret three days sooner than the Christians.

Κοσμάς ο Αιτωλός _Saint Cosmas of Aetolia, Equal to the Apostles_св. Косма Этолийский_St. Kosmas life 163. “The Turks will go away, but will come back again and will arrive up to the Hexamilia (6-miles location). Finally you will drive them out into the “Red Apple tree”. From the Turks the 1/3 will be killed, the other third will be baptized, and only 1/3 will go to Red Apple Tree”. And added the elder Paissios Holy Mountain. Although I do not like to talk on the subject of prophecy, but they forced me to explain to them the importance of shestimiliya, which says St. Cosmas and it is nothing like the sea six miles offshore. This is an issue because we recently gnawed with Turkey and because we finally “grab.” However, they will not enter to Greece: they will move only on the six miles, and then they find a great evil from the north, as the Scripture says, and all their plans will fail… There will be war between Russia and Turkey. In the beginning the Turks will believe they are winning, but this will lead to their destruction. The Russians, eventually, will win and take over Constantinople. After that it will be ours. They will be forced to give it to us.”“(The Turks) will be destroyed. They will be eradicated because they are a nation that was built without God’s blessing.The Russians will take Turkey and Turkey will disappear from the world map ..The Mid-East will become a theater of a war in which the Russians will take place. Much blood will be spilled.  “As long as there is faith and hope in God, a lot of people will rejoice. All that will happen in these years. The time has come.”

59. “Fortunate whoever will live after the general war. He will eat with silver spoons…”

74. “It will come suddenly. It will be either the ox in the field or the horse on the threshing floor.” (October or July. -LMD)

76. “After the (general) war, people will run half an hour to find a human and make him brother.” (In some places, as in Turkey, the situation will be even worse. You will walk 7 hours, says elder Paisios to see someone. – LMD)

80. “The reason will come from Deleiata.” At the 101st collection of Triantafyllou: “The very big war will begin from a small state.” Also in the 102nd of Triantafyllou: “The war will start from a small state of Ottomans. The Greeks will go to war last as gravediggers. In the end, the Christians will win.”

54. “The evil will come to you from the learned (educated).”

56. “Time will come when there will not be this harmony, as in our days, among the people and clergy.”

57. “The clergy will be the worst and most impious of all.”

90. “Curse the Pope, because he will be the reason.”

95. “Supplicate that it will be day and not night, summer and not winter.”

105. “A lot will happen. The cities will end up like shanty towns”.

103. “It will be eighth (great) century when these will take place”. (Eighth great century is the period between the years 7000 to 8000 approx since Adam. Because Christ was born in year 5508 since Adam, 1992 was the year 7500 since Adam, based on this numbering of the Fathers of the Orthodox Christian Church, which is different from that of the Jews. The year 2012 AD is the year 7520 since Adam. -LMD)
http://www.imdleo.gr/diaf/files/english/St_Kosmas/St.%20Kosmas_pro.htmlΚοσμάς ο Αιτωλός _Saint Cosmas of Aetolia, Equal to the Apostles_св. Косма Этолийский_74301.b

Prophecies of St. Kosmas of Aetolia (complete)

Prophecies of St. Kosmas Aitolos

Prophesies of St.Kosmas


Teachings of Saint Kosmas Aitolos


 Troparion of the saint, tone 3

With odes let us acclaim the renowned Cosmas, who gloriously excelled among the choirs of the martyrs, priest, and ascetics, and let gather in praise of his memory; for he dispenseth healing to them that have recourse to him with faith, since, as an equal of the Apostles, he hath boldness before Christ.

Kontakion of the saint, tone 4

Come from Aetolia, O God-bearing Father, thou didst become a righteous monk on Mount Athos; and as a true initiate of the glory of God, thou didst preach the word of truth to all men, O most blest one, and didst bring them all to Christ as a true emulator of the Apostles’ choir, and thou didst prove a hieromartyr in shedding thy sacred blood.

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