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Pray, as Saint Gregory Palamas, who cried for many years, “Lord, Enlighten my darkness,” and he was heard. Elder Sophrony (Sakharov) of Essex

Holy and All-praised Apostle Philip (1st c.).
St. Gregory Palamas, archbishop of Thessalonica (1360).
New Martyr Constantine of Hydra (Mt. Athos) (1800)
Repose of St. Alexander Nevsky (Alexis in monasticism) (1263).

Commemorated on November 14

Synaxis of the Family of St. Gregory Palamas.
St. Constantius (the father), St. Kallis (mother), Saint Theodosius, Saint Epicharis Saint Theodota and Saint Makarios, his brothers

Commemorated on November 14 or and December 18

Verse: Now is the truly great preacher of the Radiant Light,
Verse: Led by the Source of Light to the never-setting Light.

That great luminary of the Church and hesychast Father of the 11th century, St. Gregory Palamas, constantly prayed: “Lord, Enlighten my darkness, Enlighten my darkness…!”
“Most-Holy Theotokos, Enlighten my darkness, Enlighten my darkness…!”

Holy Elder Sophrony (Sakharov) of Essex

Γρηγόριος Παλαμάς- Saint Gregory Palamas _ Святой Григорий Палама_3What can I do to inherit eternal life”?

And I was given the answer:

“Pray, as Saint Gregory Palamas, who cried for many years, “Lord, Enlighten my darkness,” and he was heard.

“Pray in the words of the Ecclesiastical Ode “Enlighten, O Giver of Light, and me the sinner with Your light inaccessible”, and strengthen your faith, remembering that the Church does not pray for things that cannot be done.”

Then, that Man, in excluding the possibility that such a prayer would remain without the above answer, closed his argument as follows:

” When your soul knew this light, then, when it happened to lose it, you will burn for it, and mimicking the Saint Simeon the New Theologian will seek and will I cry unto them:

— Come, O true light!
— Come, O eternal life!
— Come, O raising of the fallen!
— Come, O rising of those who lie down!
— Come, O resurrection of the dead!
— Come, All-Holy King.
— Come, and dwell in us
and live continually, inseparably within me,
and you reign in us
ever and unto the ages of ages.


Gregory’s father was an eminent official at the court of Emperor Andronicus II Palaeologus. The gifted Gregory, completing his secular studies, did not want to enter the service of the imperial court, but withdrew to the Holy Mountain and was tonsured a monk. He lived a life of asceticism in the Monastery of Vatopedi and the Great Lavra. He led the struggle against the heretic Barlaam and finally defeated him. He was consecrated as Metropolitan of Thessalonica in the year 1347. He is glorified as an ascetic, a theologian, a hierarch and a miracle-worker. The Most-holy Theotokos, St. John the Theologian, St. Demetrius, St. Anthony the Great, St. John Chrysostom and angels of God appeared to him at different times. He governed the Church in Thessalonica for thirteen years, of which he spent one year in slavery under the Saracens in Asia. He entered peacefully into rest in the year 1360, and took up his habitation in the Kingdom of Christ. His relics repose in Thessalonica, where a beautiful church is dedicated to him.
The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič


“Pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17) St Gregory Palamas

Γρηγόριος ο Παλαμάς- Saint Gregory Palamas _ Святой Григорий Палама_756745Does the Lord’s command about ceaseless prayer that men ought always to pray (Luke 18:1), apply only to monks or to all Christians in general? If it applied only to monks, the Apostle Paul would not have written to the Christians in Thessalonica to pray without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17). The Apostle repeats the Lord’s command, word for word, and issues it to all Christians without distinction, whether monks or laymen. St. Gregory Palamas lived a life of asceticism for some time as a young hieromonk in a monastery in Beroea. The elder Job, a well-known ascetic whom everyone respected, lived in that monastery. It happened that, in elder Job’s presence, St. Gregory quoted the Apostle’s words, asserting that ceaseless prayer is the obligation of every Christian and not just for monks. However, elder Job replied that ceaseless prayer is the obligation of the monk only, and not for every Christian. Gregory, as the younger of the two, yielded and withdrew in silence. When Job returned to his cell and stood at prayer, an angel in great heavenly glory appeared to him and said: “O Elder, do not doubt the truthfulness of Gregory’s words; he spoke correctly and you should think likewise and pass it on to others.” Thus, both the Apostle and the angel confirmed the commandment that all Christians must pray to God without ceasing. Not only without ceasing in church, but also without ceasing in every place and at all times, and especially in your heart. For if God does not for a moment tire of giving us good things, how can we tire of thanking Him for these good things? When He thinks of us without ceasing, why do we not think of Him without ceasing?

The vision of uncreated light is man’s deification. Saint Gregory Palamas

Saint Gregory Palamas as protege of the Theotokos

St.Constantius Palamas, St. Gregory’s father,given to unceasing noetic prayer and was counted worthy to perform miracles.

Troparion St Gregory Palamas — Tone 8

O light of Orthodoxy, teacher of the Church, its confirmation, O ideal of monks and invincible champion of theologians, O wonder-working Gregory, glory of Thessalonica and preacher of grace, always intercede before the Lord that our souls may be saved.


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