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The apostle Peter appeared to St. Leo A’ of Rome said, “‘I have prayed for you, and all your sins are forgiven, except for those of ordinations.

Λέων Πάπας Ρώμης_Leo A’ pope of Rome_Лев I папа Римский_ΓΚΡΑΤΣΑΝΙΤΣΑSt. Leo A’ the Great, pope of Rome (461).
Martyrs Leo and Parigorius of Patara of Lycia (258)
St. Agapitus, bishop of Sinaus or Synnada in Phrygia (4th c.) the Confessor and Wonderworker, and the Martyrs Victorinus, Dorotheus, Theodulus, and Agrippa, who suffered under Licinius (4th c.).
St. Flavian the Confessor, patriarch of Constantinople (449).
St. Nicholas The Catholicos of Georgia (1591)
New Hieromartyrs Alexander (Medvedsky) (1932) priest and Benjamin hieromonk (1938), New Hieromartyrs Leo of Voronezh, and Agapetus, of Ekaterinoslav.
Commemoration of the New Martyrs who suffered during the “Holy Night” in St. Petersburg (1932), New Hieromartyr Vladimir priest (1933) and Virgin-martyr Anna (1940).
Saint Valeriu Gafencu, the New Martyr of Romania, at Targu Ocna (1952) and Hilarion, Daniel Tudor and John New Confessors and Prisoners Martyrs of Romania

Commemorated on February 18

Chapter CXLVII
The vision of Eulogius, the patriarch of Alexandria about Leo, roman pope

Abbot Menas, the father of the monastery, told us that he had heard abbot Eulogius the patriarch of Alexandria telling the following story:
When I went to Constantinople, I enjoyed the fellowship of Sir (dominus) Gregory, the archdeacon of Rome, an exceptionally great man, who told me a story about the most holy and blessed Leo, pope of Rome. He said that it had been recorded in the Roman church that when Leo had written to the holy Flavianus, the bishop of Constantinople, his letter against the heretics Eutyches and Nestor, he had placed it on the tomb of Peter the prince of apostles, accompanied by prayers and vigils and fasts.
“If I have all too humanly written with insufficient care or even missed anything out,” he prayed to the chief of the apostles, “do you correct it, for to you was given this see and this church by our Lord God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.”
After forty days the Apostle appeared to him as he prayed.
“I have read, and made corrections,” he said.

He took the letter from the tomb of the blessed Peter, opened it, and found it corrected by the apostle’s own hand.
(The Spiritual Meadow, St. John Moschos,147.)


The vision of Theodorus bishop of Darna concerning the most blessed LEO.

ΠΕΤΡΟΣ-Peter the Apostle-Petru-Фрески Печской Патриархии, Косово, Сербия0_18208e_fe75b7f_origTheodorus the most holy bishop of the city of Darna in Libya told us the following:
When I was syncellos to the holy pope Eulogius [of Alexandria], I saw in a dream a man of most worshipful appearance and aristocratic demeanour.
“Announce my arrival to the holy pope Eulogius,” he said.
“Who is it who is asking to be announced?” I said.
“I am Leo, the pope of Rome,” he said.
So I went in and announced him.
“The most holy and blessed pope Leo, who occupies the see of Rome, wishes to speak with you.”
On hearing this, pope Eulogius got up and ran quickly to meet him. They greeted each other, said the prayers and sat down.
“Do you know why I have come to see you?” the divine and exalted Leo said to the holy Eulogius.
I have come to thank you for the magnificently orthodox (rite) reply you wrote to my brother Flavianus, the patriarch of Constantinople. You have enlarged upon the meaning of my own declaration, and brought to naught the prayers of the heretics. Be well assured, brother, that you have given your divine labours and studies not only to me, but even to Peter the supreme chief of the apostles, and also to him who above all others is of the truth, Christ our God.”
I witnessed this vision not once only but twice and thrice. This threefold apparition reassured me and I ran to tell the holy pope Eulogius about it. When he had heard it he wept and lifted up his hands to heaven
“I give you thanks, Christ our God and master,” He said, “for that you have seen fit to let me be a herald of your truth, unworthy though I am, and in your most high and ineffable kindness, through the prayers of your servants Peter and Leo, you have stooped to accept the widow’s two mites of my own modest and insignificant endeavours. (The Spiritual Meadow, St. John Moschos,148.)


Chapter CXLIX
The most astonishing story which Amos the patriarch of Jerusalem related about LEO, pope of Rome.

When abbot Ammos went down to Jerusalem and was made patriarch, all the fathers of the desert monasteries went down to pay their respects (adorare) to him, among whom were my abbot and I. This is what he had to say to us:
“Pray for me, my fathers, for a great and heavy burden is laid upon me. The dignity of this priesthood fills me with terror above measure. Peter and Paul and their like may well be able to rule over rational souls, but I am but a miserable sinner. More than anything else I fear the burden of my ordination, for I have found it written that the blessed and angelic pope Leo, who presided over the roman church, kept up a vigil of prayer for forty days at the tomb of the apostle Peter, beseeching him to intercede before God for his sins to be forgiven. At the end of the forty days the apostle Peter appeared to him.
“‘I have prayed for you,’ he said, ‘and all your sins are forgiven, except for those of ordinations. This alone you will be required to answer for, whether you have done well or perchance done otherwise.’(The Spiritual Meadow, St. John Moschos,149.)

Man for by nature and vocation he is a pilgrim of the Absolute. Fr.Alexander Schmemann

Returning to the Father’s house, Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)

Apolytikion of Leo the Great
Fourth Tone

A model of faith and the image of gentleness, the example of your life has shown you forth to your sheep-fold to be a master of temperance. You obtained thus through being lowly, gifts from on high, and riches through poverty. Leo, our father and priest of priests, intercede with Christ our God that He may save our souls.

Kontakion of Leo the Great
Third Tone

Seated on the priestly throne, O great and glorious Leo, with the Holy Trinity’s inspired and God-given doctrines thou didst stop the gaping mouths of spiritual lions and didst shine upon thy flock the light of God-knowledge, and art glorified now as a divine initiate of the sublime grace of God.

Apolytikion of Romanian Prisoners, New Confessors and Martyrs in Plagal of the First

Flowers of Romania, planted by God, children of the Church true and faithful, let us exalt, O faithful, as martyrs of Christ; for they competed brilliantly, confessing Christ before the atheists, and were worthily crowned, in His glorious kingdom.

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