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St Dimitri (Demetrius) of Rostov

εισοδος στον Παραδεισο_vers le paradisSt Dimitri (Demetrius) of Rostov (1709)

Commemorated 28 October

St. Dimitri of Rostov was a saint in the ancient and true model of the early Fathers. Not only did he write beautiful and instructive books, but also shone forth as an example to his flock. He was a great ascetic and man of prayer. So humble was he that he even begged the seminarians in his seminary to pray to God for him. Whenever the clock struck the hour, he stood for prayer and recited: “O Theotokos and Virgin, rejoice!” When he was ill-which, for him, was often-he begged each of the seminarians to recite “Our Father” five times on his behalf while meditating on the five wounds of the Lord Jesus Christ. On one occasion, St. Barbara appeared to him with a smile and said, “Why do you pray in the Latin manner?”-meaning, why do you pray to God with such brief prayers? At this reproach, even though it was gentle, he became despondent, but she encouraged him, saying: “Do not be afraid!” On another occasion, St. Orestes the Martyr (November 10) appeared to him, just as St. Dimitri had finished writing the saint’s life, and said: “I endured greater tortures for Christ than those you have written.” He then showed him his left side and said: “This was pierced with a red-hot iron.” He then showed him his left hand and said: “There I was slashed.” Finally, he showed him his leg above the knee and said: “And this was cut off by a scythe.” When St. Dimitri wondered if this Orestes visiting him was one of the Five Companions (December 13), the saint discerned his thought and said: “I am not the one of the Five Companions but rather the one whose life you have just written.”

Troparion — Tone 8

O lover of Orthodoxy and eradicator of schisms, / healer of Russia and new intercessor before God, / you healed the minds of the foolish by your writings. / O blessed Demetrios, harp of the Spirit, pray to Christ God that our souls may be saved.

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