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Panagia Vlacherna guarding her City, although there are few Christians, but there are also many crypto Christians. Fr. Gerasimos Fokas

Παναγία Πλατυτερα-χωρα του Αχωρητου_Panagia Platytera_ Богоматерь Знамение11 (2)1 1The Fall of Constantinople, May 29th, 1453

′′ The great strategy for winning,
as I redeemed the joyfulness,
I’m writing to your Polis, Virgin Mary…”

It was said by the p. Gerasimos Fokas:
And when our Patriarch, the Ecumenical Patriarch, who begs for monks and nuns to be able to man the pilgrims, not to erase the canals of Constantinople monasteries, so when the Patriarch appealed to metropolitan cities, if they could help , large metropolises, such as Thebes, Thessaloniki, Patmos, who have leftovers, offered to send every six months, every four months, nuns.
When the then Thebes and Levadia Ieronymos sent nuns to the Vlachern monastery in Istanbul, the current Archbishop, so that the monastery does not remain closed, with all the upcoming risks, something wondrous happened. The Turkish guard went near the nuns from Greece and said:

′′ Every dusk came here a tall woman dressed in black, just like you. And when I was going to approach her to talk to her, she was getting lost “.

The woman who appeared there every dusk is the one who thinks about the world, guarding Her City even though there are few Christians, but there are also many crypto Christians. Therefore, no matter what they say, no matter how they stand, these places are and will be forever orthodox.
excerpt from his published book, we wish help to all of us Our Lady.

poem by Thomas Korovinis

Vlacherna they say a Romia
Where does the evening come out
With black headband
And with a hidden scrap.
And he serves Marmaras,
The Beyond and the City
From the top of the sarah
For everyone to see.
Meriem per and Virgin Mary
And my Saint Vlacherna,
Your tear as holy water
To enemies and friends win.
From the first in the weather
And everyone knows this,
No matter how many keys he changed,
This is your city.
lyrics by Thomas Korovinis and composition by Thomas Korovinis from the album Takimia.

αγια σοφια-Κωνσταντινούπολη_Constantinople_Константино́поль-agiasofia2

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